Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Portfolio

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Portfolio

On this page you will see a number of my current most loved wedding photography images.

Keep in mind, my blog has my most recent wedding images and that is updated more regularly than this page.

For me, wedding photography is about the emotions that make us human. It’s about┬ápeople…and their stories. Obviously, it’s about the affection between the couple, but at the same time it’s considerably more than that. It’s about family, friendship, connection, the things that bind us together.

On a wedding day, I like to watch the occasion and little moments of the day unfurling in front of me. I have quite a photo-journalistic style and love natural photographs where the subject doesn’t know they are having their picture taken!

yorkshire wedding photographer portfolio

I love shooting bridal preparations and if I have a 2nd photographer/assistant with me on the day I send them to capture the groom preparations. It really helps with telling the whole story of such a special day.

yorkshire wedding photographer portfolio

The wedding ceremony itself is always a great opportunity to capture both guests and groom waiting excitedly.

I incorporate group and family portraits into your day, if you would like them.

I know you’ve put many hours of thought, love and work into making your wedding day perfect. Rest assured I will capture all those important details and little bits of decor.

I adore dance floor shots, which is why I offer an option to book me for the full day with no time limit if you wish it. It means I can stay late into the night, when normally a few drinks have been had and the wedding guests really start to let loose and have fun!

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Most of my work is natural and observational, but my background is originally in fashion and model photography, and I can never resist having a “photoshoot” with the happy couple if we get a few moments! I enjoy using dramatic lighting to make an image have an editorial feel. It makes me really happy to make a work of art for your wall that features you both looking your best on the happiest day of your life!

I love doing engagement shoots with you both, it’s a great way for you to practice in front of the camera and for us to get to know each other before your wedding.