Wedding Food Ideas

June 17, 2018

Wedding food ideas – If you’re looking for ideas on how to have a unique wedding day, then you will want to think about every single aspect of it to make sure that it is just what you want. For this reason, your wedding breakfast should be a consideration, but the great news is that there are many alternative wedding breakfast ideas that you could choose from. Some of the ideas below should help you to think about what you want, and this means that both you and your guests will be able to have a reception that you will enjoy and remember.

Don’t want to be posh? Have a pie party!

If you’re not the type of people to sit down and have a posh, sit-down meal, a pie party might be just the right thing for you. Your guests could choose from a number of different fillings, including both meaty and vegetarian options, and you could even have pies for dessert, too. If you’re a down-to-earth couple who enjoy good food then this is sure to appeal to your tastes.

Make the most of the weather

wedding food ideasIf you’re getting married in the summer months, then why not make the most of the good weather and have a BBQ as your catering option? This is something that many people would enjoy, and it would certainly create an alternative wedding atmosphere in comparison to that of a sit-down meal. You should of course make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain.

Set a country theme

You always have the option of having a themed wedding reception, and not only is this great fun, but it gives you the chance for some alternative wedding photography, too, as you can incorporate costumes into the theme. You could have a curry evening for an Indian theme, pizza and pasta for an Italian theme, or hotdogs and pancakes for an American theme. No matter what theme you want to go for, make sure you go the full way and decorate the room with the country’s flags to help everybody get into the spirit of the occasion.

Hold the perfect picnic

We all remember how marvellous it was when we went on picnics as children. The hampers would be set, and wonderfully delicious food would be seen as soon as we opened them. At your wedding reception, if you have stunning grounds available for use at your venue, you could give each group of guests a picnic basket and a blanket, and allow them to make themselves comfortable. This is a great way to have a laugh and enjoy your day, and you should certainly find that most guests will get into the spirit of things.

Ultimately, your wedding day is about you, so you need to come up with wedding breakfast ideas that show exactly who you are. These great ideas will reflect on the day as a whole, and are sure to set the mood and allow both you and your guests to have a great day that you will enjoy.


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