June 29, 2017

There are a whole range of wedding traditions that can be incorporated into your big day, but if they don’t make sense to you, then there is no reason why you can’t veto them and make the day all about what you want.

Which is just the way it should be.

The one where you can’t see each other before the ceremony

You’re going to be seeing a lot of this person once you’re married, it’s all part of the package, and hopefully something that you are excited about. But if you also want to see them before your wedding ceremony, don’t let an old tradition tell you otherwise.

You may choose to walk down the aisle together, have welcome drinks with your guests before the ceremony, or have photos taken beforehand to give you more time for catching up with people once you have said ‘I Do’.

There is something special about seeing each other in your wedding finery without all of your friends and family looking at you, and having a photographer there to capture the moment means that you can share your loving, or extremely nervous, expressions with everyone else at a later date.

The one where your bridesmaids have to be dressed the same

Gone are the days where it is acceptable to dress your bridesmaids in unflattering dresses, because as funny as it might be, you wouldn’t want to ruin your wedding photos with hideous styles or colours that don’t suit anybody.

It is also no longer necessary to dress all of your bridesmaids in the same way, as was fashionable in the past, as people are becoming more knowledgeable about the styles that suit their body shape, and it is important that all of your favourite girls feel comfortable in what they are wearing on your big day.

You might like them to wear the same colour, but in different styles, or the same style in different colours, or maybe they will all wear something completely different but it won’t matter, because you know who they are, and who to ask for an extra glass of champagne, or for help manoeuvring into a toilet cubicle, if required.

The one where you throw your bouquet

This tradition comes from a time when women used to try to rip pieces from the bride’s dress or bouquet, with the belief that it would transfer some of her good luck to them. Due to this being a little on the crazy side, the bride would throw her bouquet to distract the crowd and take the opportunity to escape.

These days, this tradition is more about finding out which of your single friends will get married next, but it is totally avoidable, and if you don’t fancy seeing a bunch of your guests scrabbling over your carefully chosen bouquet, then don’t toss it.

Another thing to consider is what your bouquet is made from, you definitely don’t want to risk taking out one of your mates with a heavy brooch bouquet.

The main thing to remember is that is it your special day, so you get to choose if you want it filled with tradition or not, and leaving some of these traditions out can make your day extra spontaneous and surprising.