Swynford Manor Wedding Photography

This is one gorgeous venue. It’s monochrome, sparkly modern decor is the perfect backdrop to any wedding theme. It suited Marie and Brad’s day beautifully! Swynford Manor is close to Newmarket and on my drive in the morning I saw plenty of racehorses being trained. The grounds have very mature trees which is a lovely backdrop for photographs.

Swynford Manor Wedding Photography

Do you have a proposal story?

It was our anniversary in 2016 and Brad had it all completely planned out and took me to Harry Potter world in London and we were having the most amazing time! We then went back to our hotel which was literally nothing like the pictures and the sort of place you fear someone has been murdered in and he got all upset and I didn’t know why… it all worked out though because we were engaged by the end of the night, incredibly happy and in a much nicer hotel!

What was your theme / colour scheme and how did you arrive at it?

I honestly don’t know if we even had a conversation about it, I think it was always just something we both knew where the colour scheme was concerned! I think we always just presumed red and black!Theme wise, we never wanted anything to traditional and we’re both massive fans of everything sci-fi and fantasy so it all just fell into place really! It was just a matter of narrowing it down to the ones we could easily make decorations for, which I think was one of the hardest parts! We absolutely loved making them though and so many of our wedding party members really helped us out. Lauren, our Maid of Honour did all the hair for us and also helped design so many of the little DIY touches around the venue!

Tell us about your wedding outfits and why you chose them?

I originally had an entirely different dress, a red floaty number and accidentally came across my red and black one and literally fell in love. It was insanely heavy though but absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad I took the risk in ordering it. Brad and all his groomsmen really wanted to personalise their suits with their fandom pins and hired them from Formally Yours .

Tell us about your wedding decor : did you DIY anything? Did you have favours for your guests?

Pretty much everything!We made little ID cards from each fandom for the seating chart and most of the centrepieces! Some of them were books and Pop Vinyl’s we already had but the rest we repainted and made.We had a lectern for the speeches which was made at home to and so many other little decorations and photo boards around.We even made all the bouquets at home to and each one had a pin of the Bridesmaid’s favourite fandom on. The dresses and suits also had one!Every guest had to pick their favourite fandom when they sent in their RSVP to the wedding and they all got a necklace or keyring from that fandom as their favour with a personalised message from me and Brad about why we’d invited them and why we loved them!

Was there anything in particular that made your day special or unique?

I’m not sure anyone else would think so, but our theme and all the hard work we put in and the people that love us put in just literally made it the day we always dreamt of and exactly what we wanted.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Being in the ceremony room after we were announced Husband and Wife was fantastic and the absolutely incredible speeches which our wedding party members gave. We expected them to be good but not quite that emotional.Just getting to relax and finally enjoy the evening and each other and the guests company was incredible too.

Supplier Love!

Makeup Supplier https://www.marleysbeautybar.co.uk/

Groom Outfit Supplier https://www.formallyyours.co.uk/

Cake Supplier: Made by our lovely bridesmaid Scarlett

Entertainment Supplier: The playlist was all sorted out by our Guardian Of The Bride Mark

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