Gayle and Jay are the sweetest of people. I adored how easily they laugh, their sense of adventure and how caring of other people they are. Both of them never stopped smiling for the whole of their wedding day, and neither did their guests. Neither did I! Their happiness is truly infectious.

They were married at the Master Builders Hotel in Hampshire, so named because much of Napoleons fleet was made there. It is a gorgeous venue that I’d recommend to anyone, the views were stunning (especially across the Beaulieu river) and the opportunity for photos endless. I’m going to handover to Gayle to tell you about their fab day! Thank you so much for booking me guys, it was such a pleasure!

“My dress came from Honeypie Boutique and I bought it online. A lot of the wedding was DIY and our friend Laura made all the paper flowers. Another friend, Rachel, helped me decorate the jam jars that the flowers were in. I made the signs for the tables in frames with scrabble letters, chalk pens and a piece of slate from my mum’s garden! Jay created the build-your-own centrepiece sign to go with the Lego too.

We were both nervous about standing in front of everyone, we would have run away to the registry office and done it with just us there, but we knew that our family and friends wanted to be there too.

We kept it light hearted and made a few personal changes to the vows. There was one funny moment when my cousin’s little boy stood up in the middle of the ceremony and shouted ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ The family have been briefed that this will be remembered forever and we will repay the favour at his wedding!”