July 20, 2017

Thoughts of standard wedding receptions often conjure up visions of beige buffets, terrible dancing, and that one drunk relative that everyone seems to have making a bit of a scene, but how can you make sure that yours breaks the mould?

Make an entrance

When you enter your fun wedding reception it will be the first time that many people will see you as a newly married couple, so make it count!

Instead of wandering in hand-in-hand, try some excited and energetic skipping, ride in on a tandem, give your other half a piggyback, or consider abseiling in if the venue allows it.

A good entrance song is key too, something that you feel sums up your relationship, or a tune that you know will get your guests hyped up and ready for a fun time.

Provide entertainment

Giving people something to do, other than dance, is a great idea as it gets people engaged in fun activities, and encourages them to mingle with people they may not have met before.

One of the fab things about weddings is that all of your favourite people have the opportunity to meet each other, and some interactive entertainment is a good way to encourage this.

For a boozy wedding, beer pong is sure to get everyone involved, a bouncy castle is ideal if your guests are all young at heart, or some organised sports day style games will have everyone working as a team and feeling like best friends in no time!

Serve unexpected food

Give the stereotypical buffet a miss and opt for something a bit different instead to make a statement when people get peckish.

A food van is a fun idea as it adds a bit of a fairground aspect to your wedding reception, and there are so many different types to choose from, including fish and chips, burgers, and sweet treats like candyfloss!

On the topic of sweet options, a selection of pick n mix style sweets always goes down well, and adds a bit of nostalgia to the evening. Plus, you can provide traditional striped bags for people to fill, which also double up as a great favour.

The main rule is that you want your wedding reception to be full of the people, music, activities, and food that you are your partner love, no matter how unconventional this may be, because if you are both enjoying your fun wedding reception, your guests will be too!