Christmas Proposal Ideas

November 9, 2017

Christmas proposal ideas – ‘Tis the season to get ready for marriage!

Maybe it’s the infectious Christmas cheer, maybe it’s the warm feeling inside from consuming all that mulled wine. In any case, you’ve discovered the one and you’ve chosen this special time of the year to pop the question, good on you!

On the off chance that you are considering proposing this Christmas, investigate these 30 unique ideas, to make your proposal story something truly memorable!

1. The Christmas Tree Proposal

Decorating the Christmas tree together is a romantic activity in itself. Get the Christmas tunes playing and the mulled wine poured beforehand, and sneakily hide the ring right at the top of the tree. After you’ve both added all your tinsel, lights and decorations, suggest your other half adds the star/angel to the top of the tree. When they find the ring get down on one knee!

2. A Box Inside a Box, Inside a Box, Inside a Box

You will need your ring and a ring box, various boxes of differing sizes and enough wrapping paper to wrap them all. Quite simply, place your ring box inside a slightly larger box, then place them in an even larger box, and keep going until you end up with a big parcel. On Christmas morning your loved one will unwrap the first box, to find another box inside it which they will need to unwrap again, and they will keep going until they unwrap the ring box – which is your queue to get down on one knee!

Another variation on this would be to get inside a very large box yourself (you will need suitable air holes if you get a friend to actually wrap you in it!). When your love unwraps you, you can stand up and hand them the ring box. Just be careful not to shout and give them a heart attack!xmas proposal ideas

3. Propose with an Advent Calendar

Nothing is more romantic than hand making a gift for your loved one. Why not make him/her an advent calendar? You could put a small gift in numbered boxes or write a series of notes (each detailing one thing you love about them) to put behind each day. On the last day put the ring in for them to find!

What’s more, if crafting isn’t your thing, you could just buy a normal advent calendar but swap the chocolate behind day 24 with something substantially more sparkly.

4. Christmas Lights Proposal

Patience is needed for this one! Unravel the chaos that is the Christmas lights from last year and carefully spell out ‘Marry Me’ with them. On a roof top is the most effective. Wait until dark then ask your other half to turn on the lights. Voila!

5. Santa Clause Baby!

Disguise yourself as the big man himself, complete with suit, hat and beard. Send your beloved off to a Christmas party or for a Christmas meal with friends. Turn up to said party with a sack of presents and have your love’s friends sit on your knee one by one and give them a present (it helps that they are in on the act too!). When it comes to your love’s turn to sit on your knee, give her the ring box and at the right time pull off your hat and beard and ask the question!

6. Propose with a Stocking

Conceal the ring at the bottom of her Christmas stocking. Remember to have the usual small gifts and Terry’s Chocolate Orange included for her to find first.

7. Get the Kids Involved

If you have children, get them some sort of cute jumper that says something along the lines of “will you marry daddy?” and zipping up their coat, ready to reveal all when you go on a winter walk together in undeniably cute and memorable.

8. Propose with a Christmas Card

When composing your Christmas card it’s critical to remember everybody cherishes a joke. Our most loved is ‘Say Yule Be Mine’. Make the card yourself for extra brownie points.

9. The Christmas Photo Proposal

This proposal not only needs stealth, it needs all the coordination of a synchronised swimming team, and the help of all your friends.

You will need: Enough monogram jumpers to spell out ‘MERRY XMAS’ (1 letter per person), spare festive jumpers for the rest of the troops, a willing photographer.

Assume photo pose making sure you and your partner are at the front. Take a few photos. Very sneakily, have friend ‘E’ and ‘A’ swap. Still following? Then get friend ‘X’ and ‘S’ to take off their jumpers. And there you have it! ‘MERRY XMAS’ becomes ‘MARRY ME’ and we all win a prize for being Christmas jumper ninjas. All that’s for you to do is turn you love around and watch their surprised face.

10. The Christmas Pudding Proposal

There’s an ancient custom we Brits have of concealing a silver sixpence in the pudding (if you’re interested in festive traditions and their origins have a look at this interesting article in the telegraph). If your beloved is a fan of Christmas pudding, simply swap the sixpence for a ring instead.

11. Conceal the Engagement Ring in a Christmas Cracker

Conceal your wedding band in a Christmas cracker with your best joke and a paper crown. On the off chance that you win the prize, get on one knee and ask the question. In the event that they win the prize, let them get the ring and be prepared to ask them when they’ve made sense of what’s happening. In any case, you’ll propose with a blast!

xmas proposal12. Compose it in ice

Since you’re the loving, caring sort, suggest to your partner that you will go outside to turn on their car and defrost the windscreen for them. Let them make themselves a nice hot chocolate while they wait. Spell ‘Marry Me’ in the windscreen ice.

13. Conceal the Engagement Ring in New Gloves

Buy a lovely pair of luxury gloves as a gift and sneak the ring inside. I love this idea! It has an old Hollywood style about it and is bound to please.

14. Swap Santa’s Mince Pie with an Engagement Ring

Leave a little glass of sherry and a mince pie out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Bear in mind a carrot for Rudolph. Under the cover of darkness while your loved one sleeps, swap said mince pie with the ring. Tiptoe carefully back to bed.

15. Propose at a Christmas Party

Do your family hold a Christmas party every year? There is no better way to propose than with your nearest and dearest around you: just make sure you have plenty of bubbly on hand to celebrate!

16. Propose at an Outdoor Ice Rink

Ice arenas are undeniably sentimental spots, particularly on the off chance that they’re outside, particularly at Christmas. Adorn yourselves with all the knitwear you can handle. Guide your partner to the centre of the arena, ideally while skating in reverse in at slow speed. Propose while different skaters circle you both. Your knee will likely get extremely frosty and somewhat soggy from the dissolving ice, however it’ll be worth it, despite all the discomfort.

17. The Snowman Proposal

There are two essential things you should do with your life partner on a day off. The principal activity for a snowy day is of course, building a snowman. While they’re occupied with giving your snowman his carrot nose, get down on one knee and give them their very own sparkly carrot.

(The second most essential activity on a day off is building a cushion fort and watching Home Alone)

18. Enroll a Pet

On the off chance that the pressure of proposing is too much for you, it’s probably best to get the puppy to do it. He’ll look considerably more cute than you dressed as Rudolph. Tie the ring to his collar with a big red bow and watch your partner’s heart melt.

christmas proposal19. Change Your Favourite Christmas Story

If you’re good at writing, why not pen a Christmas story starring you both, with a surprise ending! You can get your work made into a beautiful book over at  Love Book which will surely become a treasured family heirloom in years to come and you can even start a new festive tradition of reading it to each other every Christmas Eve.

20. The Mistletoe Proposal

In case you’re a sucker for tradition, propose under some mistletoe. And kiss them silly!

21. The Horse and Carriage Proposal

Nothing is more romantic than taking a horse and carriage ride! Make sure you wrap up warm and take a snugly blanket to cuddle under. At the appropriate moment pull out the ring and ask the question!

22. Get Away

Surprise her with a festive weekend away at a romantic log cabin and at the right moment get down on one knee.

23. Have Carollers Sing Your Proposal

Ask your neighborhood Salvation Army choir or get a few mates to go to your front door and sing your beloved’s most favourite Christmas song. Have them change a portion of the words in the last verse to ‘will you marry me’ and all the while get down on one knee. Or get them to sing Bruno Mars’s “Marry You”.

24. Elf on the Shelf

Obviously you’re going to need an Elf. Elves are available for delivery straight from the North Pole (Amazon) toward the start of the festive period. At the point when the Elf comes, broadcast he has been sent from Santa to help you both countdown to Christmas. Trap your love into trusting the mythical being is genuine by influencing it to get up to a wide range of wickedness in the night, ready for them to discover in the morning. In case you’re new to this convention, you clearly don’t invest as much energy in Pinterest as I do. At long last have him help you pop the question on Christmas morning.

25. Propose at the Christmas Market

Nothing says merriment like sharing a foot long bratwurst. But seriously, the delightful wooden chalets, the sweet scent of cinnamon waffles floating through the air, the sound of the Salvation Army singing carols.. It’s hard not to get into the festive spirit. Wrap up warm and meander through the sights, then slow down and stop when you locate the ideal spot to pop the question.

26. Play a Game

Since spending whatever remains of your existence with your other half ought to begin with a touch of solid rivalry. Furthermore, let’s be honest, the festive season is truly board game/party fun season. Regardless of whether it’s a round of scrabble, charades or Cluedo figure out how to seize it with a proposal.

27. The Flash Mob Panto Proposal

Stage a flash mob style engagement at your neighbourhood panto production. Have one of the actors conceal the ring and yell “He’s Behind you!” while you get on one knee. However you choose to do it, make it as bonkers as the convention of panto itself.

28. The Ultimate Christmas Eve Proposal

On Christmas Eve treat your beloved to a special night-in. Think Christmas films, mulled wine, cheese and chestnuts. At the appropriate romantic moment pop the question.

29. Ask in Bed Before You Get Up

As you both wake up in bed on Christmas morning pull the ring box from under the pillow. You’ll both have the whole day to celebrate!

30. The Boxing Day Proposal

In the event that you suspect your partner is expecting a Christmas proposal, this is an incredible idea to keep them on their toes. Give their doubts a chance to go back and forth with Christmas day, and shock your love with a proposal on Boxing Day.

And Finally…

Remember if you are popping the question this Christmas to consider having a photographer or videographer to capture your engagement as it happens! I can sneakily take photographs or a film while you are actually proposing, you both can cherish the moment forever. Have a look at my portfolio and my films pages and then please do contact me to discuss your requirements.