best hen party

July 6, 2018

If the mere thought of a boozy night surrounded by pink fluff and L-plates fills you with dread, then you sound like the type of person who would be more interested in an alternative hen night. Getting that all-important inspiration is key, so we have put together a list of ideas for things that you could try. It is the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming wedding, so sit back and read through the ideas that could bring you a great night of entertainment.

Move it like Beyonce

When you’re looking for hen party ideas, you may like the sound of something like a pole dancing class – but that idea is getting old now. Instead, why not sign up for a lesson on how to move like the queen of dance – Beyonce? Whether you’re good dancers or not, you and your friends are certain to have a laugh and a night to remember, and you never know – you might even find a talent you never knew you had!

Hold a pirate canal party

If you enjoy themed hen parties and getting dressed up for the occasion, then you are certain to have great fun dressing as a pirate and hopping aboard a specially dressed canal boat. This activity is full of novelty, and gives you the opportunity for some great photos at the same time. You can be certain that it is a unique hen party experience that none of your guests will have experienced before!

Afternoon tea – with a twist

Afternoon tea may seem a little tame for a hen party, but it can certainly be a lot of fun, particularly when it’s on the top deck of a London bus! Yes, you and your friends could be taken on a tour of London lasting for two hours whilst eating your favourite cakes and pastries – what’s not to love? When it comes to alternative hen party ideas, this is certainly something that will be remembered.

Camping in style

If the thought of camping usually fills you with fear, you may enjoy “glamping”, which is still camping, but surrounded by luxury and with proper beds. When it comes to quirky hen night ideas this is definitely something worth considering, because it allows you to have a lot of fun with your friends whilst in the great outdoors. You could have a dress-up theme, which would add much more fun to the occasion, and enjoy food and drinks all through the night.

Try to escape

“Escape the room” challenges are becoming increasingly popular, and they are great to do on a hen night, as they can be very entertaining. Basically, you’re in a room that you need to escape from, and in order to do so you’ll meet a number of puzzles and challenges. There are various challenges with a few different themes, depending on your tastes, and you’re certain to find something that would suit you.

So, if you’re hoping for an alternative wedding, the ideas above should have given you plenty of inspiration for an alternative hen night idea, too. You and your party are sure to have a great time, and you’ll definitely have an evening to remember for the rest of your life.