ovecraft-wedding-photography-hullHi I’m Laura, and I love shooting weddings.

I was given my first camera when I was 3 years old, and the fascination with capturing little moments in time with the press of a button never went away. When I was 3, I thought it was sheer magic…and I still think it’s sheer magic.

I think of myself as a storyteller, rather than just a photographer. My style is honest, creative, and photo journalistic, but I also relish making dramatic works of art with my couples.

At the heart of my work (and my life in general) is my belief that there is something uniquely beautiful about everyone and everything in the world: and I love finding that beauty through my camera lens.

When I’m not behind a camera I love my home life in rural Yorkshire with my little family. Living connected with nature, the land, the wind in my hair, watching dramatic skies and relishing the deepest darkest nights inspire me no end. Cuddling my kids is my biggest joy.

I love my partner with all my heart and we are often spotted having deep conversations about the camera angles of a movie we’ve both just watched, or the lyrical content of an album we’ve listened to, or analysing the plot of a book. He’s my soulmate and I feel so blessed to share my life with him.

I love coffee, hot days, dark nights, making lists, listening to music, horse riding, writing in my journal, going to the theatre, singing like no one’s watching, steam trains, thunderstorms, good wine, long walks, travelling, murder mysteries and music festivals. I’ll take wellies over high heels any day.

Have a look at my portfolio to view some of my favourite images and check out my blog to see some wedding days in full.