ovecraft-wedding-photography-hullHi I’m Laura, and I love shooting weddings.

I was given my first camera when I was 3 years old, and the fascination with capturing little moments in time with the press of a button never went away. When I was 3, I thought it was magic…and I still think it’s magic.

I started with abstract work at 3 years old: taking photos of feet and pavements mostly! Which my grandmother lovingly paid to develop (it was the 1980s, we only had film back then). She was always my biggest fan.

For 10 years I shot fashion style photos, and I avidly collected ideas from Vogue, Harper’s Bizarre and Elle. This style allowed me to be very creative whilst learning all about lighting, posing and composition, which I hope reflects in my wedding work. However I found what I really loved about shooting fashion was the reaction from the models when I showed them the finished pictures: to see how I could build a woman’s confidence, how I could make her finally see how beautiful she really is, how happy I could make her within herself was truly the greatest gift I could give.

And that’s my sincere wish and main aim for your wedding day: I want you to look at your photographs and to feel more beautiful than you have ever felt in your life. I want you to beam ear to ear with joy. I want you to finally see the amazing, confident, beautiful woman that you really are.

In the end, all we are, are photographs.

My grandmother died very suddenly 10 years ago, and it was after her death that I began to realise just how important photographs were. Every photograph I have of my grandmother, the woman who was my best friend, constant cheerleader and never ending source of love and encouragement, is my most prized possession.

I realised that first and foremost, people matter more than anything. And I realised that all we are in the end, are photographs. That is all that is left after we are gone.

And that’s another reason why weddings are so close to my heart. I want to capture those all so important portraits and special moments of the people you love, so you never have to lose those people in the future. Life gets in the way, people get busy, and it’s rare that everyone you care about is in the same place at the same time! I understand how important everyone at your wedding is to you.

Behind the lens

When I’m not behind a camera I love my home life in rural Yorkshire with my little family. Living connected with nature, the land, the wind in my hair, watching dramatic skies and relishing the deepest darkest nights inspire me no end.

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with British murder mystery shows: in my spare time I can normally be found watching Poirot, Sherlock or my absolute favourite: Endeavour. I’ve also got a soft spot for period dramas (I love Downton Abbey) and any old black and white movies. I just love the style, glamour and sophistication of the 1920s – 40s.

I enjoy visiting National Trust properties, museums and I have a life long fascination with steam trains.

Travel is also a big love of mine and I’ve got a huge list of places I’m going to visit in the future. I get very excited when I find a lovely hotel or Air BnB!

I believe in everything in balance. Therefore as much as I enjoy practising yoga and meditation every morning, I also love going out for cocktails and dancing with the girls!

Have a look at my portfolio to view some of my favourite images and check out my blog to see some wedding days in full.